The Music Journey

Jerry “Curbside Jones” Manning Jr was born on 2/19/1990 in Heidelberg, Germany.Being a military child he was forced to move around often. Being able to see parts of the world that others dream of helped shape his world view. Our Journey takes place with an only child who has a thirst to connect with others and, an insatiable hunger to be better than his last effort. Jerry Manning Jr wanted to become a songwriter at the age of 12 and recorded his first song at the age of 15. Jerry Picked up making beats with a Roland SP-606 around the age of 17 after a fellow music maker suggested to him. Jerry taught himself how to sample and program drums on hardware before moving his talents into FL studio. Jerry released his first fully produced project in 2010, entitled Endless Waltz. Jerry continued to hone his skills and pushed himself to create multiple projects with the intention of surpassing his former self. Jerry picked up audio engineering after multiple years of recording himself.

The Photography Journey

Jerry started dabbling in photography during high school as a means to keep his Myspace page appealing. Jerry enrolled in a graphic design course his senior year of high school with the sole purpose of learning how to make album covers. In 2009 Jerry bought his first point and shoot camera and experimented with concepts and photography fundamentals. In 2011 he purchased his first DSLR camera and furthered his interest in photography. Over the course of a couple of years Jerry experimented with photography and found a love for street photography. In 2017 Jerry visited Japan and rekindled his love for taking pictures and released his first photo book. In 2018 he visited Japan again and released another book. Now with newly acquired gear and grounded fundamentals Jerry is ready to share the world through his eyes.