SXSBlack 2019

South By South West (SXSW) is an annual music festival held in Austin, Tx. As someone who has attended SXSW on multiple occasions, I have noticed a trend, the influx of black bodies. SXSW is the only time of the year where I can walk around downtown and see black people, my people, as the majority. Our music is played everywhere and we are welcomed everywhere, however; when the festival is over, the black people leave, and Austin is back to applying dress codes for bars and venues tell rappers their "crowd" isn't welcomed. This series is to highlight my people, the ones who the city profits off of during SXSW.

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Gear- Minolta x700 + 50mm f/2 prime lens + vivitar 550FD flash

Film stock- portra 400 + Fujifilm superia 400