Interviews- [Semi Recent]


This is Worth What It’s Worth: A Conversation with Curbside Jones

With his enviable eye for detail and well-honed aesthetic, Curbside Jones has quietly become one of the most disciplined and talented musical figures in Austin. Though that has mostly manifested in his solo releases and production for other artists in Austin hip hop, over the past few years Curbside Jones has embraced his photo and design sides, releasing everything from hardcover books to zines to fashion. We chatted with Curbside Jones about his latest photo collection, SXSBlack, a stylish and topical street photography work that slyly comments on representation at SXSW and Austin gentrification issues at large, while also catching up with him on his music, including his ever expanding Adventure Time-influenced series Milk Tea Chronicles.”- Nick Hanover


Curbside Jones discusses ‘Wolves’ Clothing’ EP & Austin Hip-Hop

“Weeks ago, I got in touch with Curbside Jones to chop it up and see what he’s been working on. He sent me some new music and needless to say, I was impressed. He had truly outdone himself.

It’s not everyday that you get to talk to artists that continually overcome obstacles and improve on their work so definitely each time they decide to make a release. The Austin, Texas-based artist/producer joins me to talk about his Wolves’ Clothing EP. He does well to clarify some things for me and the fans while giving us a look at the Hip-Hop music scene in Texas.”- Darren Gooden


Bring It On If You Think You Can Hang: An Interview with Curbside Jones

“Curbside Jones is an artist we’ve followed closely here at Ovrld for the past few years. A veteran emcee and producer, Curb has produced tracks for a number of local and regional artists and has also produced a string of incredible albums of his own. The latest is Digital Boogie Man, a concept EP about the pitfalls of technological dependence in the modern era. Nick Hanover spoke with Curbside Jones over e-mail to find out what inspired the album and its cover art, Curb’s collaborations with other artists and which rap star he’d want to challenge to an arcade tournament.”- Nick Hanover