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Wolves’ Clothing- Impose Magazine Review

“On “Been Wolf,” Jones recalls staring down at his close friend in a casket feeling like “a sheep” because he couldn’t “transfer life into his cold hands,” a capsule of commentary not only about colloquially deemed “wolves“ who terrorize impoverished neighborhoods with gun violence, but what it means to be in an environment where not living with that reckless abandon is considered a “sheep-like“ weakness.”- Andre G


Wolves’ Clothing- Ovrld Review

“Putting it in the simplest terms, the sheep Curb is pushing his way out of are likely the neoclassicists he aligned with, like underappreciated San Marcos boom bap crew The Lower Class. Curb never fully fit in with the golden age inspired hip hop that was so omnipresent in and around Austin a few years ago, but it made sense that he’d be more connected with them than the coke rap pretenders who had their eyes on XXL covers and questionable major label contracts. Now that the Austin scene is more diverse and the mainstream itself is more open to weirder touches, though, it’s fitting that Curb would don his wolves clothing and get more explicit in his ambitions.”- Nick Hanover


Wolves’ Clothing- Day And a dream review

“This EP contains some of my most transparent music I’ve released in years and I’m very proud to showcase this work,” Jones said about the project. With so many thoughts on hyper-masculinity, death, failed relationships, being denied by social institutes, and internal conflict ringing off in his head, it may be for the best to channel it out through simple concepts.”- Brandon Caldwell